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It all starts with an idea. Together, with your imagination and our expertise, we will create the perfect vision of style, function and value for your property. Whether it’s a carport, a tinted glass patio cover or a mix of v-panel and skylights, we will design and professionally install your own personal bit of paradise. From concept to completion, we have you covered.

Tinted glass

This is a popular choice for those sunny spots on your deck or patio. When you want the natural light to shine though but would like a bit of relief from the heat, tinted glass is a great option.

Clear glass

With an east or north facing patio, our clear glass is the perfect way to let all the sunshine in while still providing shelter from the rain and snow.


Solid aluminum panels are a great way to offer shade and protection, whether it’s for your deck, patio, car, RV, or boat.  Many of our clients with south or west facing decks and patios will choose this option.  Vpanel will also provide privacy from above floor windows, if that is what you’re looking for. 

Undecided? You can mix things up with v-panel and glass skylights in any design configuration you’d like, providing sun and shade just where you want them. This solution gives you the perfect balance for entry doors, hot tubs, breezeways and over stairs.

NOTE: Stock aluminum colours for posts and beams are white and black, but custom colours may be special ordered for an additional cost. Stock V-panel is available in white only, as the costs for powder coating sheets of vpanel would make the cover unaffordable for most people.

Pet Friendly Spaces

Enclosures with dogs and cats in mind (sometimes referred to as “catios”) are becoming increasingly popular.  We can design and build the perfect enclosed space for your beloved pet to enjoy the outdoors, using pet resistant screening or a combination of screening with pony walls, windows and doors.  Or, if you prefer, we can cover a fenced-in dog run to keep Rover cool, dry and happy all year round.


Whether you’re looking for a custom patio cover, carport or pet friendly space, you can count on our quality materials for years to come. Our aluminum patio cover system embodies a robust powder coated finish on rugged 18 mil extruded aluminum components.

Standard 3” x 3” posts can be paired to create 3” x 6” supports where longer spans are desirable. Typically, the beefier 6” I beam would be used in place of the standard 4” I beam in such cases.

The standard 2’ width V panel extruded aluminum roof panels can be custom sized to any length up to 20’. These panels interlock together to create an extremely durable water tight roof.

Standard 2’ tempered glass panels either clear or tinted (grey) can be ordered in lengths from 2’ to 12’ in 1’ increments. These skylights are supported on specially designed aluminum T bars that have built in drainage channels.

A unique mounting system attaches to a roof edge, fascia, wall, or other supporting structure and interlocks with the top frame of the patio cover allowing a range of slope depending on the individual location.

The bottom frame houses the built in gutter and contains the lower end of the roof panels. Down spouts complete the drain system.

Side fascias finish the edges of the structure. Mounting brackets for attachment to decks, concrete patios, etc, are included and all fasteners are powder coated steel and self tapping

You can download an engineer’s report here

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